Speak Clearly
8-week Intensive Coaching Program

  • Are you worried about the way you speak?
  • Do people have trouble understanding you?
  • Do you feel that your pronunciation could be
  holding you back from achieving more in your life?

Join me for my most popular program, the
Speak Clearly 8-week Intensive Coaching Program. This course
has been designed for people like you who are ready to make
serious changes to the way they speak! Through over 16 hours
of face-to-face instruction in a small group setting, plus free
access to my private online learning lab filled with audio and
video files, quizzes and other extra resources, there's no bette
r way to learn how to change the way you speak.

It takes dedication and guidance to make improvements to your speech. This program has been designed to give you maximum practice so you quickly become a more confident communicator in English. The course begins with a private, one-on-one pronunciation assessment with each participant. Based on these assessments, the 8-week program is customized to  cover only the most imporant challenges that the group is facing.

Each week, you can expect a jam-packed, 2-hour session covering  the proper pronunciation of a certain set of sounds, training in word stress and intonation, dialogue practice and other forms of group and pair work that will ensure you're speaking as much as possible. And since only perfect practice makes perfect, I'll be by your side to help you correct any errors, show you how to pronounce sounds correctly and give you encouragement along the way.

You will learn how to:
  • Improve your general pronunciation so people focus on your message
  • Properly pronounce the most common vowel and consonant sounds
  • Use your voice correctly when making voiced and unvoiced sounds
  • Articulate your word endings for more crispness and clarity
  • Make your intonation work for you for maximum impact
  • Recognize proper pronunciation and learn how to model it
  • Project your voice effectively so people can hear your message
  • Correctly apply general rules governing word stress
  • Practice new sounds on your own for even faster progress
  • Increase confidence in your communication and achieve greater success

You will receive:
  • 16 hours live instruction in a small group setting with no more than seven
  other participants (worth over  SG$5000)
  • A personalized pronunciation assessment (worth SG$350)
  • A personal copy of Ann Baker’s pronunciation guide, Ship or Sheep? including
  four listening CDs (worth SG$60)
  • A personal copy of my latest Pronunciation coursebook (90 pages) covering all English sounds (worth SG$47). This book currently isn't available anywhere!!
  • A digital copy of my Speak Clearly 2-CD Audio Programme, plus 28-page workbook (worth SG $60)
  • Free membership to my online learning lab including audio and video files,
  quizzes, additional exercises and other resources during the course of the
  program (worth over SG$500)
  • Copies of your weekly digital voice recordings for practice and review
  • Additional materials designed and developed specifically for this class

Course Details:
One-on-one pronunciation assessments will take place on the evening of Wednesday, 23 January between 6pm and 10pm. Classes will run every Wednesday from 30 January to      20 March from 7:30 to 9:30pm.

Hansen Communication Lab
8 Chang Charn Road
#02-18 Link (THM) Building
Singapore, 159637

7-10 min. walk from Redhill MRT

How much?

Remember, the class is only open to the first 8 people who register and pay in full!
Bring a friend and receive 15% off your course fees!

Still have questions? Fill out the contact form and we'll get back to you.

Bring the 10-week Intensive to your company!
The Speak Clearly 10-week Intensive can also be customised to fit your company and industry. It is especially useful for call center staff, receptionists and secretaries, front-line sales and customer service staff, pilots and other announcers. Contact us for more information.
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"The whole learning process was very interesting.
The best English language course I have attended."

- Katherine Wong, Speak Clearly 8-wk Intensive participant
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8 Chang Charn Road    #02-18 Link (THM) Building    Singapore 159637    +65 6473 5814
"For decades I was pronouncing certain words wrongly. For example: words ending with 'sion'. Excellent program to correct the pronunciation. I liked the way the program was conducted. Great course!"
          - KR Thandavan
"I have learnt much about the fine details of the creation of different sounds. I enjoyed the training tremendously. Thank you, Ms Heather Hansen!"   
     - Lee Siak Cheong
"The course is very helpful. Heather is able to point out the problem areas and help me identify ways to improve. I enjoyed the group lessons a lot."
-Rachel Mung
"It [the Speak Clearly 8-week Intensive] was a very fun workshop with lots of learning. [Heather] was able to create a very lively learning environment. The programme made me realise that I have not been making full use of my tongue and lip muscles! I didn't realise that I was pronouncing words incorrectly all this while until Heather pointed it out to me. Things like pronouncing plural endings and past tense were alien to me. After attending the course I've become more conscious about the way that I speak!"

Tan Hwee Huan

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January 2013
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